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The Marketing Manager’s Copy-writer

I’m Ashley Green, a marketing manager’s copy-writer.You know how hard it can be to write accurate, informative content.

You have products, you have services, but do you have enough high-quality content to push your sales forward?

If not – maybe I can help you.

I work mainly for small to medium-sized renewable energy companies, and also relocation companies. (Although I have also written for medical, travel and music websites.) I specialise in SEO longer content,such a articles, news letters, web pages, case studies and white papers.

What Makes Me Different?

Competent and thorough research. I get to know your company, its products and services; unlike some writers who tend to skimp on this. I believe your content should not only be accurate but also reflect the principles and values of your company.

I will also research your target audience, not everyone takes this important step. I appreciate that you may need content specifically for different members of your team, who may be looking at it from a different aspect. I also pay regard as to the position in your sales funnel where you  want the piece to function.

I have enjoyed working with Ashley. Her articles are well researched and well written. She takes on board my ideas and produces excellent results. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”  Wrote Christopher B. from Australia.

What is my purpose as a marketing manager’s Copy-writer?

My work as a marketing manager’s copy-writer is to help you increase sales. So I help create the web content, articles, reports and white papers to increase the company’s authority and visibility, as well as other content, according to your need. All my material will be search engine optimised.

When you feel ready to try me out, please get in touch. Meanwhile, why not accept a free copy of my “Tips for Speech Writing and Presentations”.

Ashley Green